Is Tinnitec a Cure for Tinnitus or Does it Give Only False Hope?

As a sufferer of Tinnitus for decades I will write an honest objective article that will not only give you the facts about the manufacture’s claims to the effectiveness of Tinnitec but will also talk about Tinnitus and how it affects your life.

For Tinnitus sufferers you will be well aware there is a plethora of supplement products on the market making outlandish claims that only the most desperate of Tinnitus sufferers would consider trying. Unfortunately, I am one of those guys who have tried many remedies for my Tinnitus, all of which never worked for me.

In this article, I will let you know if Tinnitec is any different from the selection of other Tinnitus supplements being offered to the market place today.

Who gets Tinnitus?

Contrary to common belief Tinnitus affects more than just the elderly and does not discriminate between male and female. My own Tinnitus started in my mid-thirties; its inception was subtle with a slight whistling noise in both ears. Over the years my Tinnitus became more severe and developed to the point where I would literally try any medication or supplement to find relieve from the noise.

What causes Tinnitus and what are the symptoms?

For me there is much speculation regarding Tinnitus and its causes. You may read that it is the onset of a serious brain condition that could possibly lead to Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s. If you’re like me, your physician has interrogated you about blows to your head through sports or other injuries.

Some physicians will tell you Tinnitus can be related to neck injuries caused my muscle spasms and cricked necks!

None of the above applied to me however, a common thread emerges and it is that getting a definitive diagnosis to the cause of your Tinnitus is near enough impossible.

Nonetheless, symptoms can vary from person to person but unilaterally Tinnitus sufferers all manifest hearing disturbances in the form of whistling through to whooshing and swirling noises in the ears.

Other symptoms that are rarely mentions are tiredness, irritability and depression just to mention a few. Let’s make no bones about it. Tinnitus is an awful complaint that impacts our lives and our family’s and loved ones lives in a negative manner.

Big pharma’s answer to Tinnitus

Invariably after visiting your Physician, you will be prescribed with medication and in most cases some kind of ear drops and in severe cases you will undergo an MRI scan. This in most cases will reveal nothing sinister going on in your brain.

The truth is that pharmaceutical company’s offer medication and some offer a little relieve for the shortest time but in general tinnitus is just another cash cow for pharma companies yet the investment in research is not sufficient to provide a lasting remedy.

Not to mention that the drugs you are now taking and probably will need to take for the rest of your life will eventually contribute to your health’s demise. Imagine taking two or three toxic pills every day for the rest of your life and still you have noises in your ears.


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Let’s take a serious look at what Tinnitec is offering Tinnitus sufferers

First of all let us take a look at the origins of Tinnitec. Tinnitec is the brain child of a guy named Anthony Romano. What’s different about the development of Tinnitec is that Anthony Romano is not a physician. He is not from a medical scientific background. In fact, he is an investigative reporter!

Like most reporters, Anthony Romano was always on the lookout for that elusive earth shattering story without fabricating any of the information found while investigating.

Romano was certainly going to find the answer to Tinnitus in the oddest circumstances. While on a flight to a town in north Alaska the aircraft developed an engine problem and then if this was not worrying enough the engine exploded. The aircraft crash landed and as one would expect Romano was injured.

The head injury Romano had incurred during the crash landing had caused Romano to have what he describes as the “devils scream“ in his ears. He was now afflicted by Tinnitus caused by his mis-fortune flying to this town in north Alaska.

To cut a long convoluted story short, Romano was given an herbal remedy for his injuries and over a period of time his Tinnitus dissipated.

Clearly Romano knew that he needed to find the concoction of the herbal remedy that cured his Tinnitus. After research and painstaking reading he found the answer he had been looking for.

What is the main ingredient of Tinnitec?

The main ingredient of Tinnitec is a root of a lowering herbaceous plant only found in the very extremes of the northern hemisphere. The root is widely used throughout Russia and Scandinavian countries. The plant is called Rhodiola Rosea. If you are like me you have never heard of this plant; never mind know how it looks.

Tinnitec and Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodela Rosea is also known as the golden root and has many established benefits that have been used over the centuries by these people in the know who live in the northern extremes. It is used to cure depression, brain disorders, anxiety and fatigue.

Rhodela Rosea works by soothing the nerves of the brain which include the nervous system responsible for hearing. It said to cure Tinnitus in the shortest time while having enormous benefits to your body.

It is recorded that Rhodela Rosea will restore your flagging biological system giving a forgotten zip back into your step. All this while improving your mental capacity.

The benefits you will feel from taking Tinnitec will be felt as quickly as three days. I know this sound like a tall story but, I have completed exhaustive research into this product and its key ingredients. I can inform you that the ingredients will indeed cure Tinnitus.

Will I experience any negative side effects from taking Rhodela Rosea? The answer is no. Tinnitec ingredients are natural and herbal and have been used as an herbal medicine for centuries without reported negative effects on the patient.

Where can I purchase Tinnitec?

Tinnitec is available online only. I found the best deal on offer anywhere is at If you order quickly, there is a special offer where you can try Tinnitec for as low as 49.00 USD.

My advice is to purchase the 6 bottle package and take advantage of the special offer.

Tinnitec comes with a 180 day money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with the results.

Final Thoughts

I have researched this product thoroughly and I can say that I have already placed my order for the 6 bottle package. Now I am not a person who is easily fooled or easily parted with my hard earned dollars.

I only mentioned one of the ingredients in Tinnitec but the fact is there are more than twenty natural herbal ingredients carefully combined together to form Tinnitec.  All of these ingredients are names that you will know individually however, when combined together to create Tinnitec they form a powerful non compromising capsule of powerful ingredients that will achieve what pharmaceutical companies worldwide have failed to do for years.

I highly recommend and endorse Tinnitec as a cure for Tinnitus and many other ailments you may be afflicted with.

Please note if you are pregnant or taking medication for other health issues please consult your physician before you take supplements.


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